XENIA 2019

Opening Hours: Saturday 10: 00-19: 30, Sunday 10: 00-19: 30, Monday 10: 19-19: 00 Press-Events: Trade Fair Location: Metropolitan Expo Organized by: FORUM SA, T. ( +30) 2105242100

At the heart of the Tourism Industry

Xenia 2018, with the participation of the leading supplier companies in the industry and the presence of thousands of quality visitors from every corner of Greece, has proved to be the most important exhibition pillar for the development of our Tourism Industry. With more than 550 exhibitors, Xenia 2019, enriched with all its themes and a well-designed program of specialized training events, is expected to become a leading hotel show and a neuralgic meeting point for our tourism industry, gaining the fame for its contribution to the development and modernization of the Greek tourism product. >> At the heart of the Tourism Industry